After flying for 14 hours from Los Angeles we arrived in Sydney tired and ready to relax. But our granddaughters (and their father) had different plans for us. They wanted to show us the zoo, the museums, the beaches, the harbor, downtown, and of course have Mona take them shopping.

And (in their opinion) everything was either in walking distance or could be reached by mass transportation: bus, train, or ferry.--which all had to be reached by walking--as fast as possible to catch the right one. And it was hot--very hot--and humid. Boy did we sweat.

We spent a week in New Zealand (see link above) and the rest of the time we spent in Sydney, Australia. We did not go anywhere else in Australia but there was plenty to see there. Also we were substitute teachers for the Cavill Girl's Home School. John taught math and Mona taught art.

We were in Australia because our daughter, was there for six months with her job with Since Tom is a pilot he can go back to the US about once a month to work. And the girls were being home schooled by , a college girl that came with them.

These are just a few of our pictures from Sydney.

This was taken not far from the Cavill's home.
The city of Sydney, the Sydney Opera House
the Harbor Bridge are in the background.